(Amount) Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 2022 [registration, benefits]

Electricity subsidy scheme 2022 (subsidy amount, subsidy installments, helpline number, last date, official website, portal, documents, how to apply, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, Benefits, beneficiaries, application form )

Arvind Kejriwal has declared that citizens of Delhi can opt for electricity subsidy in the state. The subsidy would depend on the total amount of electricity unit consumption by a household. The process of asking for the subsidy and granting the same would will start shortly. The state authorities are taking suitable initiatives for the same and trying to give relief to the household who wish to get the subsidy.

Electricity Subsidy Scheme 2022

Name Of the scheme Electricity Subsidy Scheme
Who has taken scheme initiative? Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi
Target group of schemes Financially unstable and underprivileged groups
Units for electricity consumption for zero bill  Up to 200 unit
Financial assistance offered by Delhi government Rupees 3250 for allotment of the scheme
Reason for the subsidy scheme Help the financially unstable citizens
Initiative to be taken from Power department of Delhi
Forming of task force 20-member task force

What are the features of the subsidy scheme?

  1. Main objective of scheme launch – The purpose of scheme launch is to offer subsidy for electricity to the households who are willing to get it.
  2. Target group of the scheme – The underprivileged or financially unstable households who have suffered a lot due to inflation in post pandemic period can be helped by the electricity subsidy scheme
  3. Proposal from power department – The main reason for proposal from power department is to continue to offer electricity subsidy for the fiscal year 2022-23.
  4. Structure of power bill – It would be a zero-power bill for households who are consuming up to 200 units of electricity. The subsidy would be of rupees 800 for the ones consuming 201-to-400-unit power consumption
  5. Procedure from government for subsidy – The state government will ask households who are willing to get subsidy facility and accordingly can opt for it
  6. Proposal of startup policy – Delhi CM has also proposed for start-up policy to help budding entrepreneurs easily set up their business and offer suitable financial help to them 

Therefore, by successful implementation of the scheme, the electricity subsidy scheme can benefit a total of almost 47, 11, 176 families. It would mainly help the financially unstable families to cover up for electricity expanses due to inflation after pandemic. The subsidy would give them relief about increasing energy bills.

What is the main idea of the business blaster program by CM?

Under the startup policy, students from state-run institutes and universities would be given financial assistance and procedural help to startup company, easily get company registration and others. The sole motive in this is to make Delhi the startup capital and boost the future by creating plenty of employment opportunities in this sector. It would be of great help for the unemployed youths of the state to get opportunities to work for startup companies. Therefore, the main purpose of the policy proposal is to make Delhi the best startup destination and create the best of employment scopes.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  • Households on the state – Only the interested households who are willing to opt for the scheme can enjoy its benefit whereas, households from other states cannot get the subsidy scheme
  • Identification details – As the scheme has been proposed by CM of Delhi, only the natives of the states can register for the same
  • Income details – Though, there is no such limits for income of families who can apply for the scheme, it is mainly for the ones who opt out for it and enjoy the benefits

However, this scheme will not be launched for all households in the state. It would be offered only to those who are willing to get its benefits and register for it on time.

Documents to furnish for scheme

  • Identification details – One should furnish correct documents like PAN card, Voter ID card, Aadhaar card and others as identification details to be furnished when registering for the subsidy scheme
  • Income certificate – An interested applicant should provide correct income certificate to help the authorities know the eligibility of the family to get the subsidy benefits
  • Details of electricity bill –The applicant should furnish current and updated electricity bill detail to be scrutinized by higher authority to ensure that the household is suitable to get the subsidy scheme

Along with this, one should furnish correct application form for the subsidy scheme to be scrutinized by higher authority and consider whether the household can get the benefits.

Procedure to register for scheme

As the subsidy scheme and start-up policy is a newly launched one, the procedure to register for the schemes online are yet to come. One can look for the same from the official portal of the scheme and stay updated to register for it. Interested candidates should follow the right step to register it online easily and start to enjoy scheme benefits.

FAQ of the scheme

Q- What is the purpose of subsidy scheme?

Helping unstable family with electricity bills

Q- Who can apply for the scheme?

Household who wants to opt for the scheme

Q- Who have initiated for subsidy scheme?

CM Arvind Kejriwal

Q- What kind of scheme it is?

Power subsidy scheme

Q- How much money has been allotted by state for subsidy?

Rupees 3250 crores

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