Amarnath Cloudburst News, Casualties, Videos, Rescue Operation


A cloudburst occurred close to the Amarnath Cloudburst news on Friday, and at least 12 people lost their lives. Videos of the disaster and rescue attempts quickly became popular on social media. Several individuals on Twitter published footage of the destruction wrought by the cloudburst at the pilgrimage site on their accounts. These films highlight the damage that was inflicted at the location. In addition to the number of lives lost, authorities said that 25 tents and three communal kitchens had been destroyed thus far.

Amarnath Cloudburst News

A cloudburst occurred on Friday afternoon at about 5:30 in the regions around the lower parts of the Amarnath cave. The most recent information is that 13 casualties have been documented in the top cave, including three women and five males. The casualties at the lower shelter have been broken down as follows: two women and three men.

Amarnath Cloudburst News

Given the current circumstances, the ITBP Public Relations Officer said that the Amarnath Yatra had been temporarily suspended. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has expressed his grief over the occurrence and has said that whatever humanly feasible support is being offered to those impacted.

Amarnath Cloudburst Updates

The Directorate of Health Services in Kashmir has informed all of the workers, both regular and contractual, that their upcoming leaves of absence have been revoked, and they are to return to their responsibilities as soon as possible. Every single cop has been instructed to have their mobile devices powered on.

A circumstance similar to a stampede occurred there, although the Army provided significant help. According to a pilgrim who travelled to Sonamarg’s Baltal base camp from the Amarnath holy cave, “several pandals were swept away owing to the flooding.”

On Friday, the India Meteorological Department said that a localised rain event was to blame for the fatalities and devastation in south Kashmir close to the Amarnath cave shrine. According to the findings of the weather specialists, the shrine received 31 millimetres of precipitation between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. on Friday. “It was a confined mist that was only present in the sacred cave. This kind of precipitation has fallen earlier on in this year as well. According to Sonam Lotus, the Director of the Regional Meteorological Centre in Srinagar, there will not be a flash flood.

Amarnath Rescue Operation

As of right now, there are approximately 40 people wounded and 13 dead. We have taken care of everything necessary for the wounded party here. No patients have been brought in up to this point at this facility. Twenty-eight doctors,98 paramedics, and 16 ambulances are stationed here.

At this time, there have been 13 fatalities and 48 injuries. Six different rescue teams are working on the mission. In addition, two more medical teams were sent. According to the Indian Army, two search and rescue dog squads, one coming from Pattan and the other from Sharifabad, would be flown to Panjtarni and then to the holy cave.

IAF authorities have said that all available resources, including helicopters and people, have been placed on standby in preparation for the beginning of rescue and relief operations at the Amarnath cave site.
– A total of four different rescue teams from the Indian Army have been sent from the Brarimarg company base and the Sangam company base to the holy cave to assist with the ongoing rescue operations. There are 90 guys, and 10 cops spread over the 10 teams participating in the rescue effort.

Amarnath Cloudburst News Updates

The surrounding region has disrupted the Amarnath Yatra due to a cloudburst on Friday evening, July 8. There have been reports of injuries after a flood in the area close to the Amarnath cave sanctuary. As a result, the internet users are in a state of disbelief and anguish and are praying for those who this natural disaster has impacted.

At around 5.30 in the afternoon, a cloudburst occurred in the region close to the Amarnath cave shrine. At this point, a search and rescue effort is underway at the location. An official source said rescue crews were airlifted to the location by helicopter services. According to reports, several langars and tents were swept away due to the torrential downpour. Videos hosted on the website have gained widespread attention throughout social media platforms.


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