IGNOU June 2022 Assignment Status, Last date, Result


You can check the progress of your IGNOU June assignment online. The Marks or Grades Submitted by Study Centers for the Assignments of Different Programs are Instantly Reflected on the IGNOU Intermediate Portal. If a student submits their marks or grade for a paper or class online, those changes will appear on the website as soon as they are processed. The procedure for submitting grades for projects, practical work, and assignments have begun for the session in June 2022. The IGNOU student portal allows students to check their status online.

IGNOU June 2022

Students will be able to understand the current status of their IGNOU assignments here for the sessions beginning in June 2022 and January 2022. After gaining admission to IGNOU University, each student must collect their Assignments at the study center that is geographically nearest to them and download them online from the IGNOU website. The rules of the IGNOU stipulate that every student is required to hand in a written assignment. It Plays a Significant Role in the Final Examination of the Term.

University Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Category IGNOU Assignment Status Check 2022
Extended Date 30th June 2022
Results Check Here
Term End Examination IGNOU TEE Status Below
Website Ignou.ac.in

IGNOU students interested in seeing the IGNOU Assignment Status 2022 Submission may read this article to its conclusion. On this page, we will walk you through checking your IGNOU assignments and grades using the online portal. Students who met the submission deadline for the IGNOU 2022 assignment are the only ones who will be able to see the current status of the assignment.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2022

Writing assignments are required to be completed by all IGNOU students who are enrolled in the distance education program. IGNOU has implemented a policy that requires all students participating in open and distant learning to hand in their finished assignments to their designated study centers in plenty of time before the end-of-semester test. Without turning in all the necessary work, a student won’t be able to graduate from the class.


When you hear the phrase “IGNOU Assignments,” the first thing that should come to mind is the questions whose answers you are required to put on the page. The solutions to these questions may be found in the IGNOU Books or Study Material. IGNOU Assignments are for thirty percent of each course’s total score, with the term-end exam accounting for seventy percent of the total grade (TEE).

How to submit Ignou Assignment 2022?

  • For further details, please check out webservices.ignou.ac.in.
  • To get the file for the assignment, please click here.
  • Candidates are also permitted to utilize assignments delivered to them by the institution via various means (such as express mail, registered mail, etc.). It is also possible to use the assignments supplied by the regional study centers.
  • The dates for submitting your IGNOU assignments may be found in the booklet you received.
  • You are obligated to create the assignments by the instructions, and you must make it a point to include the student’s name, enrollment number, address, and study center on each assignment.
  • Afterward, candidates must hand in their tasks to the relevant study centers. Every applicant needs to be aware of the location of their designated study facility.
  • After you have handed in your work, the head of the department should initial each of your assignment slips before returning them to you. The students must mention the name of the IGNOU course for which the assignment was submitted, their enrollment number, and the date that the assignment was submitted. The students should save the slip for their records in case they need it in the future.
  • In addition, applicants must have their IGNOU assignments photocopied and authenticated by the study center.

IGNOU Assignment Status Not Updated

Sometimes the process of updating the status of an IGNOU assignment is delayed for no clear reason. This could be because the evaluation of assignments is taking longer than expected at the relevant study center, or it could be because the regional center has not yet uploaded your assignment marks online.

Candidates are allowed to wait until the result is announced before requesting updates regarding their assignment; however, if you are unable to find out your assignment status or marks even after the TEE Result has been released, then you should get in touch with the center at which you submitted your assignments. Candidates can wait until the result is announced before requesting updates regarding their assignment.

IGNOU Assignment Status Check

After carefully preparing their assignments and handing them in at the designated study center, many of the candidates find that monitoring the status and marks of their assignments online leaves them bewildered.

To reach the most recent page of the assignment status section, all the applicants must click on the link that comes after it. After arriving at the page, you will need to input your 9-digit enrollment number and 10-digit number, choose your program code from the drop-down menu, and then click on “undergo” to see the current status of your assignments on your screen.


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